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Ammeraal Conveyor Belting producers and developers of Positive Drive conveyor belting, are pleased to introduce our

new display elevator conveyor.

The conveyor featured in the photos is fitted with an Aeon-50 belt.  This 70 degree incline elevator has a belt that is

9000 mm x 500 mm wide, fitted with 75 mm scoop cleats, 300 mm long at 300 mm centres + 75 mm Bordoflex.

The Positive Drive belt runs without tension and does not rely on belt tension to drive the belt. 

The result being a long lasting reliable belt, requiring minimum attention in most applications.


The 70 degree incline elevator conveyor featured below is fitted our with our Aeon-50 belt with a 50 mm pitch and

is 4 mm thick.

This belt is 31500 mm x 715 mm and is fitted with 50 mm cleats, 500 mm long at 500 mm centres + 50 mm Bordoflex.

The Aeon Positive Drive belts come in 25 mm pitch and 50 mm pitch from 2.5 mm to 5 mm thick and can be fitted with

cleats up to 150 mm high and 80 mm Bordoflex.

The Aeon Positive Drive belts have proven to be a robust, long lasting, hygienic and reliable performer for the

transportation of wet and dry food products and general bulk materials.

If you are interested in discussing on how an Aeon Positive Drive belt can assist you in your operation, please feel free

to contact us to speak with a representative.








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