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Ammeraal Amra and Big Bear joining procedures

Joining of the Ammeraal Amra Polyester and Ammeraal Big Bear Polyurethane products can be joined using a hot air gun with adapted nozzle and jigs.

To join Ammeraal Amra Polyester with a hot air gun follow this procedure.

Step 1: Align the belt ends and prepare for a butt joint, ensure both ends are straight and true.

Step 2: Prepare a V-groove in the butted ends which will accommodate the welding rod. The groove can be prepared using a small Plain or V-shape router. Don't use a grinding wheel as this will overheat joint surface area.

Step 3: Clamp the belt in position, preferable with an aluminium base plate with a small groove where the joint is to be made to allow for the welding rod penetration through the joint. Also place two start and finishing pieces of the same material next to the joint area. It is beneficial if these pieces also have a groove.

Step 4: The next step is to a weld in the V-groove using the hot airgun, the special can be used to make the take easier. A satisfactory weld can be achieved with some practice without using the nozzle.

Step 5: When welding ensure to use a temperature 380°C. Use constant pressure, speed and angle (approx 3kg pressure). Your approach is steady. The groove is properly prepared and completely filled.

Step 6: After joining, leave to cool to room temperature, about 5 minutes, after which the excess can be removed using an electric trimmer, knife or die grinder.

Step 7: Always thoroughly inspect the joint, if in doubt start again from step 1







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