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Aeon is hygienic; fabric free conveyor belting that eliminates tracking and slippage problems. Aeon replaces modular belting, it is easy to install, clean and does not have bacteria harbouring crevices, making it ideal for use in the food processing industry.

Aeon-50 is manufactured 3 - 5 mm thick in Polyester (PE) or Polyurethane (PU) and Aeon-25 in 2-2.5 mm thick.
Aeon is characterised by its high cut and abrasion resistance and non-absorbent aspects.

*USDA approved and meets FDA requirements for contact with dry, bulk, fatty and wet foods.

Available in smooth top surface or diamond embossed for easy release and low friction surface.

Code Colour Thickness (mm) Weight Minimum Pulley
Workload N/mm
Resulting in 1% Stretch
Temp. C

Shore Hardness 

Max. Width (mm) Approval
Aeon 3/50 PU Blue/Ivory 3.0mm 4.1kg/m2 93mm 1.8N/mm -20 to +70C 95A 1200-1300mm USDA/FDA
Aeon 4/50 PU Blue/Ivory 4.0 mm 5.1kg/m2 125mm 2.4N/mm -20 to +70C 95A 1200 mm USDA/FDA
Aeon 5/50 PU  Blue/Ivory 5.0 mm 6.5kg/m2 155 mm 3.0N/mm -20 to +70C 95A 1200 mm USDA/FDA
Aeon 2/25 PU Blue/Ivory 2.0 mm 2.5kg/m2 55 mm 1.2N/mm -20 to +70C 95A 1200-1300mm USDA/FDA
Aeon 2.5/25 PU Blue/Ivory 2.5 mm  3.1kg/m2 63 mm  1.5 N/mm -20 to +70C 95A 1200-1300mm USDA/FDA
Aeon 3/50PE Blue/Ivory 3.0 mm 4.1 kg/m2 125 mm 3.6 N/mm -20 to +70C 55D 1200-1300 mm  USDA/FDA
Aeon 4/50 PE Blue/Ivory 4.0 mm  5.1 kg/m2 155 mm  4.8N/mm -20 to +70C 55D 1200 mm  USDA/FDA
Aeon 5/50 PE Blue/Ivory 5.0 mm  6.5 kg/m2 190 mm  6.0 N/mm -20 to +70C 55D 1200 mm  USDA/FDA

We stock a variety of sprockets to suit

  • Aeon 93.5mm 6 teeth sprocket with 40mm square bore
  • Aeon 125.6mm 8 teeth sprocket with 40mm square bore
  • Aeon 157.7mm 10 teeth sprocket with 40mm square bore
  • Aeon 190.0mm 12 teeth sprocket with 40mm square bore

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